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Plenty’s technology had been in R+D for years when they came to us to build a consumer brand from scratch—and perhaps more importantly—a Direct-to-Consumer plan for a premium product in what is a commodity category—vegetables.


We conducted research and insights work across the consumer, category, and company landscape to inform a brand positioning. Most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat in this country are developed to last the long journey from farm to distribution center to grocer to table. They are picked before they ripen, often full of pesticides and are grown for toughness, not taste. Plenty takes the opposite approach with a highly technical system of growing indoors close to where people eat them. The plants are engineered for nutrients and taste—everything we need and everything we don’t expect. Which means we had to figure out how to go to market differently than other produce, and we had to start with simple salad greens.  

We helped to define the customer journey from trial to loyalty, working with the product team to roll-out city-by-city. We focused on we could produce and maximized word-of-mouth with what was an initially small distribution (but keeping future scale in mind). We developed the strategy for a traceability tool (kind of like an interactive “born on” date) to highlight the freshness and local origin. And we realized that we needed a smart way to onboard the people who tried the greens at live events into the DTC pipeline. So, we piloted a frictionless way to sign up customers through SMS instead of through surveys or online sign-ups. 

So much of our work requires long-lead times because we work on bringing brands to life through the product experience. This was an example of multiple quick sprints to ideate, validate in market and adjust. Something a city-by-city launch plan allows. 

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