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The Wishing Forest



Brookfield approached us to help modernize their consumer experience—to design an innovative & interactive approach to drive foot traffic and buzz during the holiday season.


The first project aimed to create a more inclusive experience—engaging people of all beliefs, ages, and abilities, without alienating holiday traditionalists. We kicked-off with a strategy and concept phase, identifying universal emotional territories that drive the holiday season—Magic, Connection, Tradition, and Peace. 

We then engaged creative tech teams with a simple brief: analog on the surface with tech embedded to create moments of simple magic. We prototyped AR experiences, animatronic games, and interactive soundscapes. 

The interactive experience launched Holiday 2019 in two premium locations—Sono Collection outside NYC and Natick Mall in MA is led with analog facades and nostalgic nods to the past, supported by high-end technology, sound design and lighting to elevate moments of discovery.

In terms of results. We’ll put them in order of business priority:

In-Experience Metrics: First was developing a single concept with multiple experiences that could be tested to determine what could scale nationally. 6 different ‘groves’ each a unique installation were built with a different combination of groves in each property. In terms of measuring success this is the most important - to be able to modify or kill what wasn’t working and scale what did. 

Consumer Sentiment: Second was positive consumer sentiment. The majority of customers who interacted with the groves had a positive experience according to an internal survey. The full summary of results is proprietary but for color 85% of guests who interacted with one grove said it was “unique”, and 90% said there was a high likelihood that they would return to it next year.

Earned Media: And the last goal was to generate buzz and earned media even during this testing period. Industry trades covered the reactions featuring consumer quotes stating things like:

“Interactive decorations”
“Makes you enjoy the season even more.”
“I heard about a fun holiday experience for the kids from my neighbor.”
And while this was only the pilot stage, Marketing and trades—from Communication Arts to Clios and AdAge to LBB—were excited to cover the innovation work in full articles. innovation work in full articles. 


"This immersive winter wonderland is light years beyond your typical holiday mall display"

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