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It was clear that there was an appetite for this product, with increasing hunger as new creators arrived on the scene. Mevo approached us to evolve their single product offering into a multi-product, highly realized brand—in 4 months. This included positioning, branding, naming their new product, developing the website, and completing the launch rollout. Beyond the sheer speed of the scope, a new challenge quickly emerged: how do you shift Mevo from a single product offering to a brand with a myriad of offerings, services, software, and—of course—products?

Mevo, one of the pioneers and first creators in the livestreaming video space, launched their first product, the Mevo Plus in 2017 and quickly took over the market. High-quality, compact, and relatively affordable, Mevo allowed creators, organizations, and conferences to reach broader audiences.

While it seems straightforward, good/better was not enough to define product positioning or distinguish the product in the growing creator market. Instead, through research and insights we dug into the consumer behaviors to carve out adequate space for both product offerings of Mevo: Plus and Start.

Identifying new cohorts through our research stages, we turned our positioning to a broader set of audiences that would potentially tap into the emerging category of video streaming. Coupled with this, we developed an identity system for Mevo and their brand. The new product, Mevo Start, rolled out with a minimal, integrated, and friendly identity backed by a complete website overhaul, product intro videos, and extensive social content. 

We laid the groundwork for a compelling market offering and then, COVID-19 hit.

Client // Mevo

Assignment // Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Messaging Framework, Product Launch, Advertising

From a product into a brand umbrella with many products.

What they need today, is a new chapter in their story. One that is true to their adventurous spirit. But can speak to a broader, wider, more diverse audience.

As shelter-in-place orders swept the globe, video streaming needs rapidly increased as did an urgent need for connecting groups, gatherings, families, offices, houses of worship, and creators. It was a rare opportunity to witness a moment where the core vision of the product (connecting others) met the needs of today. Additionally, Mevo donated 100+ camera bundles to NYC public schools and other organizations at the onset of the pandemic to help teachers and organizers continue their work despite challenging circumstances.

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