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Plenty, a technology driven company, approached us for the launch of their first consumer brand, one powered by AI-driven vertical farms that produce fresh, nutrient dense produce in urban areas. While conventional fruits and vegetables are grown to last long transportation times from the farm to the distribution center to the grocer to the table; Plenty takes the opposite approach with an emphasis on technology and a short transportation footprint. While convention dictates that toughness, durability for long journeys, and pesticides are needed, Plenty’s products are engineered for taste and nutrition first. 

The challenge was the first product coming off the line was…lettuce. How does one position a new brand and better yet convince consumers that any lettuce was delicious and nutritious? 

What could AI, vertical farming, and music festivals all have in common? Lettuce dive in and show you (romaine calm, it’s only a pun). 

But the approach they pioneered—sponsoring the exploits of extreme outdoor athletes—is no longer as own-able or relevant as it once was.

Client // Plenty

Assignment // Brand Strategy, Mobile App Design and Development, Event and Campaign Development, UX Design, Chat Interface, Product Marketing

Building a brand from the ground up - roots and all.

What they need today, is a new chapter in their story. One that is true to their adventurous spirit. But can speak to a broader, wider, more diverse audience.


Strategically, we focused on the cultural, consumer, and company landscapes to inform our positioning. Beyond the strategy, the brand needed a core identity, web design, and hook to grab an audience. Through our research, we uncovered that trial through taste could be the unconventional tipping point for Plenty instead of a traditional advertising and PR launch.


Our creative brief yielded a go-to-market plan based on driving trials in unexpected locations - think music festivals, art fairs, and other outdoor gatherings. The customer journey was defined from trial to loyalty and hyper localized on a city-by-city roll out (with a model for future scale). A frictionless chat interface via SMS allowed those who sampled the greens at events to flow through the DTC pipeline, begin a subscription, and develop a deeper relationship with the brand. 

Moving quickly, pivoting often, and staying nimble, our collaboration with the Plenty team used quick sprints to ideate and validate in markets in real time, yielding lasting results for the company. 

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